Sunday, April 8th, 2018 Student Center Building 9 AM - 5 PM


Medical Equity is founded on the principle that health inequity disproportionately affects disadvantaged populations. The effects of health disparities are well documented. Unfortunately, however, there are gaps in our understanding of the scope of these issues. This limits the potential for community initiatives to have their intended effects. Because of this, our Health Equity Research Conference is dedicated to promoting health equity through discussion. Towards that end, this year's conference focuses on the impact of discrimination on health. 

Both graduate and undergraduate students alike are welcomed to present their research in all related fields. This symposium celebrates student achievement in research. We will educate students about the different career paths they can take to address health inequity in their respective communities.  Moreover, it will serve to educate the public about health disparities and connect interested students to researchers and professors so that they can conduct research themselves. 

Meet the Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Williams:

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We are proud to announce that our keynote speaker will be Dr. David Williams, MPH, Ph.D. who is a Florence Sprague Norman and Laura Smart Norman Professor of Public Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at Harvard University. 

Dr. Williams is an internationally recognized social scientist focused on social influences on health. He has been invited to keynote scientific conferences in Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, South America and across the United States. His research has enhanced our understanding of the complex ways in which socioeconomic status, race, stress, racism, health behavior and religious involvement can affect health. He is the author of more than 400 scientific papers and he has served on the editorial board of 12 scientific journals and as a reviewer for over 60 others. The Everyday Discrimination Scale that he developed is one of the most Read more...

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