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Medical Equity supports students who are passionate about alleviating health disparities. One way we do so is by providing funding our a fundraising outlet to help support student projects. Whether it is sending humanitarrian aid to countries abroad or providing books to children in Detroit, MedEq wants to do its best to help make your idea possible. 

If you have an idea that you wish to make happen please submit the form below. We do ask that you not only state your idea, but also some logistics to how you wish to make it happen. For example, if you want funding to package food to african children, how do you wish to do that? Do you know a non profit that is able to send the food abroad?

After recieving your form MedEq will provide three types of suppor:

1. We might provide you full/ partial funding to your idea.

2. We might do a crowd fundraising campaign for your idea using our many non profit outlets.

3. We might use our network to get you bigger sponsors to help aid your idea.

The type of funding you recieve could be a combination of funding options listed above depending on your project. 

Project Proposal Form

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