Introduction to Health Disparities Blog

Contributor:  Mohammed Turfe

Good afternoon proponents of health equity! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been staunch supporters of Medical Equity and have dedicated their time towards our cause. Without your support, we most certainly could not have grown into the position we are in today!

Starting today, we will be altering the blogging system of Medical Equity. Instead of 6 blogs a week, we will be having 4 blogs consisting of 3 from the project groups and one blog dedicated to health disparities. Instead of blogs being separated into project groups, they will all be aggregated into one blog. All previous blog posts for each project group are embedded on the project group pages and can be easily found via the search bar on the homepage. 

The purpose of this health disparity blog is to educate contextualize our mission and vision to our members and the general public. Axiomatically so, health disparities expand farther and wider than the 6 project groups we currently have. 

What will be featured in these blogs ranges from defining and understanding key concepts, current events that deal with health disparities, devising methods of combating health disparities in Detroit, and any other topics you may have for us!

If you have any comments or suggestions for this new series of blogs or anything else Medical Equity related, drop a comment below or email us at 

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