The Frequency of Life and its Wave of Emotions

The Frequency of Life and its Wave of Emotions

Today's post is authored by Mental Health Project Group member: Kavya Davuluri.

Physics. Despite being an arduous subject, it defines the world around us. Sound travels as waves, with dips and highs that navigate through air particles, much how dominoes cascade against one another. From my vocal cords, vibrating against each other in quick motions, are waves of sound which travel up through my lips, flitting across the air between us, and landing against your eardrum, launching another series of events.

In the human world, perhaps the most important sound is voice. Words orated from anyone between our dearest loved ones, to the average joe on the street all make an impact on how we behave, perceive, think, and feel. Sure, our own personalities have something to do with how our lives go on, but the people around us are more important than we care to say at times. Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can affect us psychologically.

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