Educate yourself

Becoming cognizant of health disparities and how they are negatively affecting your community's health is the vital first step in making a difference. Learn about health disparities and the social determinants of health to build a strong background!


Raise awareness


Sharing your newfound knowledge will allow a network to grow and ultimately spark a grassroots movement to alleviate health disparities. 


Participating in community service is the most direct and effective way of promoting health in your community.


Change Policy

Write letters and reach out to your elected officials and see if they are aware actively supporting initiatives that promote community health. Suggest some issues for your elected official to look into or question the effectiveness of a current policy. The constituency is best at not only identifying community problems, but for resolving them as well!

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Donate to organizations like MedEq who devote their time and effort to alleviate health disparities in their area. To donate to MedEq click the following link: DONATE