Rain Garden Project Update

Today's post is authored by MedEq's Editor, Mohammed Turfe. 

For this week’s post, I will painfully stray away from the Flint Water Crisis, which I urge all of you to continually monitor, in order to provide you with an update on our ongoing rain garden project. If you don't know what our Rain Garden Project is, please refer to the prior blogpost, here. 

This week, the Environmental Project group met with Daryl Pierson from Wayne State’s Office of Campus Sustainability to help us get the ball rolling. To our delight, after schematically outlining the project in detail, our project is definitely doable on campus. 

Our next step is figuring out an effective location around campus that both delineates the importance of rain gardens and is at a popular location on campus. It is imperative that we choose a piece of land that is susceptible to flooding and can be revived via a rain garden. In order for students to gain an appreciation for the rain garden, it should be in close proximity of their everyday travels on campus. Suggested locations are listed below, if you have any others to suggest, drop a comment below!

  • Thompson House
  • Lindell House
  • President’s House (The President doesn't live there but it is good to have him involved)
  • Empty land that resides across the street from Welcome Center on Warren and Woodward.

Once an area is selected, it is up to us to push this initiative to Campus Administration and with our continued passion for this project, we can persuade campus officials to grant us with this opportunity, 

If you are interested in this project or have any questions, comments, or concerns, either leave a comment below or you can email me at fp1048@wayne.edu.