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Education: Once a Skill, Now a Commodity

Education: Once a Skill, Now a Commodity

Today's post is authored by Education Project Group Member, Kavya Davuluri. 

Learning is what gives us life. Without learning, the screen you’re gazing at wouldn’t exist, these words wouldn’t have been written, nor would you have been born.

Let’s rewind. A few hundred thousand years may suffice. 20,000 years, to be precise.

Humankind had to learn about survival. Rather, how to survive. Fire had to be made. What animals could be hunted, which plants couldn’t be nibbled on, where water was pure and where the sun scorched down in a deadly stare of heat had to be determined. Of course, it was fairly trial-and-error. But once one individual learned a bit of valuable information, they told someone else, who then told five, who then told twenty.