Abbass is a second year undergraduate student at Wayne State University pursuing a B.A. in philosophy and plans to pursue an M.D. and MPH. Striving to promote health equity, Abbass is pursuant to narrowing health disparities in Southeastern Michigan. By educating and equipping students with the skill set they need to become tomorrow's health care professionals, MedEq can truly make a difference and create a fair playing field for our health system. Abbass' background in the realm of health is well documented through multiple research fellowships, shadowing opportunities and various philanthropic initiatives to help the needy. Specifically, he has taken initiative in several environmental and public health projects including his previous two: Green Chemistry and Environmental Health. Currently, Abbass is conducting research about health disparities affecting Arab Americans regarding a broad range of topics.Through MedEq, Abbass hopes he can equip members with these kinds of experiences and enhance their professional development as they venture out into the workforce. Outside of school, Abbass enjoys traveling, sports, hiking and camping. 

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